Main events in a year

Mid Apr : Welcome party viewing cherry blossom (in the lab)

Late Apr : Spring camp (in Kawatabi etc.)

Early May : Domestic conference

Early Jun : First meeting for 3rd year students

Around Jul : International conference

Late Jul : Open Campus

Early Sep : Farewell party

Around Oct : Domestic conference

Mid Oct : Imoni welcome party (in the lab)

Mid Oct : Athletic festival organized by Koumeikai

Around Nov : International conference

Early Dec : Preliminary defence of Master thesis

Late Dec : Year-end party

Early Jan : Domestic conference

Mid Jan : Defence of PhD thesis

Early Feb : Defence of Master thesis

Mid Feb : Final presentation of graduation research

Early Mar : Sectoral seminor in mechanical engeering

Early Mar : Domestic conference (B4 students)

Late Mar : Farewell party

Late Mar : Graduation ceremony

Album 2022

June, 2022: with B3 students

June, 2022: Sports in Aobayama gym

June, 2022: Welcome bowling party

Aug, 2022: Welcoming new members with watermelon

Sep, 2022: Graduation ceremony

Nov, 2022: Congratulations on your award, Mr. Kubo

Nov, 2022: Birthday party of Prof. Ishikawa

March, 2023: Congratulations on your graduation

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