Postal Address

Department of Biomedical Engineering,

Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering,

Tohoku University

Aramaki Aza Aoba 6-6-01, Sendai 980-8579, Japan


Division of Mechanical Eng., Aobayama Campus, Tohoku University

Nano-Biomedical Engineering Research Building A13 (Campus Map)

Prof. Ishikawa: Room 109; Tel +81-22-795-4009

Associate Prof. Kikuchi: Room 106; Tel +81-22-795-5029

Associate Prof. Omori: Room 108; Tel +81-22-795-5030

Associate Prof. Numayama: Room 110; Tel +81-22-795-7005 (Seiryo +81-22-718-5903)

Secretaries: Room 110; Tel +81-22-795-6958; Fax +81-22-795-6959

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