Left: Mucus flow generated by cilia, Right: Cilia in the trachea

In our body, blood flows in the cardiovascular system, air and mucus flow in the respiratory system, and food flows in the digestive system. Disturbance of these flows sometimes cause serious diseases. We clarify the physiological and pathological flows, and utilize the knowledge for diagnosis and treatment.


Left: Entrapment of ciliates at the interface, Right: Simulation of algal swimming

A red tide in the ocean occurs under certain tide, wind and algal swimming conditions, and causes serious damage in fish industries. Bacteria adhere to interfaces and form a biofilm, which causes damage on a machine and infection to a human. We clarify behaviors of microorganisms, and utilize the knowledge to solve environmental and engineering problems.


Left: Biochip to separate cancer cells, Right: Mechanism of the separation

A microfluidic device is useful to separate cells from a small amount of sample. In order to improve diagnosis of breast cancer, we develop a microfluidic device to separate circulating tumor cells from blood. We also develop a device to separate motile bacteria and a wall configuration to prevent thrombus.


Left : Nodal flow in mouse embryo, Right: Slow turbulence generated by bacteria

Left-right axis of a body is determined by weak ciliary flow in the node of an embryo. Bacteria sometimes swim collectively and generate turbulent like vortex structures, which significantly enhance mass transport in the suspension. We clarify biological functions generated by such flows, and utilize the knowledge for engineering applications.


Left : Dumbbell type micro-swimmer, Right: Double-capsule micro-swimmer

A micro-scale robotic swimmer is a cutting-edge technology in micro-fabrication and drag delivery. We develop a mechanism of micro-swimmer by using fluid oscillation forces. By changing the direction of fluid oscillation, we can arbitrary control the motion of a micro-robot.

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